Angie DeMuro

 Author, Illustrator, and Cartoonist




Books by Angie DeMuro

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"I Already Knew I Loved YOU!" 


"Mommy MU Bird waiting for her baby MU Bird to hatch. While waiting, she begins to wonder about all the things her little MU bird will be and like to do. It is a story of the unconditional love that already exists between mother and child. This touching and heart warming story is perfect for any New mom, Mom-to-be or for a parent and child to read together." 

$6.99 plus S&H


"Good Night my little MU bird™"


“Good Night my little MU bird™”, takes you by the hand back to you own child hood memories of being tucked in, safe and warm with love.

Children (even grown-up ones) will relate to Milo MU bird™’s bedtime routine, a wonderful story you will want to share with your own little MU bird's™. "

$6.99 plus S&H



"Rosie the Rainbow MU bird ™"

"Rosie looked different than the other MU birds. She tried many differnt silly things to make herself try to look the same as every other bird. Until her friend Milo shows her that her differences are the very thing that make her beautiful. A fun and touching story about what being happy about what makes you, be YOU!" 

$6.99 plus S&H



"The Boy Who Loved Halloween"

"Once upon a time there was a boy. And the boy loved Halloween. He loved this day so much that he wished it could be everyday. But it wasn't. So the boy decided to make Halloween last forever."

This is a sweet and funny story about change. And although it can be scary, there is always something so equally wonderful waiting on the other side!

$6.99 plus S&H


"The Boy the Fox and the Brontosaurus" 

Once upon a time there was a Boy, a Fox and a Brontosaurus. All day long they waited for it to snow. But no snow fell. Then the Boy had a brilliant idea! “Let’s think of nothing but snow until it does!” and so they all sat and began to think about nothing but snow. See how magical a thought can be!

$6.99 plus S&H



Your Loving Angels and Faeries Oracle Cards and Guidebook

Positive Daily Messages from your Angels and Faeries


With the help of these beautifully painted oracle cards and accompanying guidebook, you can learn to give yourself daily guidance to help empower, motivate and inspire you on your life path. These 46 FaeryologyTM oracle cards are images from original Angel and Faery paintings by acclaimed artist Angela DeMuro. Her work brings joy , peace and comfort to adults and children alike!

$15.00 plus S&H


"Kat Sinclaire the Pink Haired Girl™"

"Kat loved spells of all shapes and sizes.

But no matter what she did they never seemed to turnout right.

Until one day Kat hears her Aunts talking about a lost little dragon.

Kat loved dragons.

She had always wanted one for a friend.

She imagined they would have tea parties and

eat octopus crackers right out of the box.

Kat sets out to cast a spell to find the lost dragon,

and learns what a witch really needs to make a spell work."

$6.99  plus S&H (Currently SOLD OUT)