Angie DeMuro

 Author, Artist, Illustrator, and Cartoonist





$80.00 (MENU BELOW)



Custom colored pencil & watercolor DOODLES on archival 140 lb. watercolor paper.

Finished size 5.5 x 8.5" - unframed.




One subject doodle portrait (adult, child, pet, imaginary friend etc...) $80


Pricing for multiple subject doodle portrait and add ons to doodle as follows:

Add adult or large subject - $80 each

Add child or small subject  - $40 each

Add a favorite prop (such as a basketball, bouquet of flowers, favorite toy child is holding or even a piece of cake) starts at $10 each

Add halloween costume or bridal attire & flowers - additional $20

Add text such as  favorite quote or affirmation - $10

Add a small cat, dog or other pet - $15 each

Add a large dog or other big pet- $25 each

***10 full color NOTECARDS with envelopes can be added on for an additional $20.00***



PRICES ARE FOR PERSONAL ORDERS ONLY. Custom art for business purposes (blogs, logos, etc) can be quoted upon request. I do not permit my artwork to be resold.



TO PLACE ORDER please email me at  and include ONE full length, color photo in the outfits you would like to be doodled in. If sending animal photos separately, please make sure they are by your legs for height reference.

I will then send you an invoice confirming your order, date you can expect it and the total due.